Sweet dream!?!?

Last night, I had a dream. Well, it was a wonderful dream. I got to see and feel what I would not be able to experience when I am awake. Those scenes, people and even locations felt so real. It was a nice feeling…. Somehow, I wish I would be able to continue dreaming the same thing. How about you?

Well, I do have bad dreams sometimes but not the kind that would scare the shit out of me (a.k.a. nightmare). These bad dreams usually reflect what I fear in real life or when some problematic stuffs had occurred. Sometimes, these bad dreams were presented in a weird manner. I will go huh?! after I woke up. Maybe these dreams want to convey some messages to me? A reminder? Want me to be more careful?

Sometimes, I ended forgetting the details of the dreams after I woke up! Too bad I can’t save those dreams in my biological harddisk and replay them whenever I want. 😛

Oh well, back to dreamland. XD

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