HobbyJapan July Review

New issue of HobbyJapan is out and the scans are all over the net. However, I will only focus on the anime figurines portion, especially the ones that will “kill” my wallets. lol.

GSC Sengoku Nadeko: Very cute but might be very expensive too. Nicely designed base and the whole figurine really gives off the “fuwa fuwari, fuwa fuwaru” feel. XD.

Chances of getting her = 40-50% (depends on price and my PO list).

Megahouse? Serizawa Fumino: OMG! Stand-on-1-leg figure!!! I hope they have made the figurine tougher especially the main standing leg and the pegs on the base (heard a lot about broken pegs). On the whole, she is quite beautiful and the pose really suits her (tsundere) character. However, I think her face might have some viewing angle restriction. Why? Look at bottom right of the image. Somehow, I feel the face is a bit weird. Need to look at more photos.

Chances of getting her = 20%.

Nendoroid Nagato Yuki: This version is based on the movie: The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi. She looks kawaii. So is she suppose to have 2 bodies? 1 for normal and 1 for long coat? Yuki smiling!?!? I think the world gonna end soon. XD.

Chances of getting her = 80% (Depends on PO list).

Figma Shikinami Asuka Langley: Asuka in her delicious new plugsuit is WIN!!! She comes with 3 awesome faces: normal, shouting/angry and the embarrassed one (The BEST out of the 3). She comes with her entry plug seat which can be useful. Looks wonderful!

Chances of getting her = 100%.

S.H.Figuarts Cure Black & Cure White: The ancestors of precure! XD. Looks nice and decent. SHF’s have very good articulations especially for the Kamen Rider Series. But the downside is that there is no stand included unlike Revoltech and figma. Besides, SHF costs almost as much as a figma! SHF also contains fewer accessories too.

Chances of getting them = 60-70% (depends on PO list).

Maxfactory Hatsune Miku (Tony Taka ver): Sigh, another Miku but this time is made by Maxfactory and she is based on an artwork by Tony Taka. Well, the figurine looks nice with the shiny clothes and translucent ends of the twintails. Impressive! However, I have the GSC ver and a Sega prize one so chances of me getting one will be very low.

Chances of getting her = 30% (depends….)

??? Vocaloid Lily: WTF!!! She is a NEW vocaloid and she has gotten PVC treatment! I want my GSC Megurine Luka!!! From the picture, she looks quite gorgeous and similar to the official artwork. But I will still need to see the coloured version first before I decide.

Chances of getting her = KIV until coloured version is out.

Wonder Festival Summer is coming soon and new figurines will be showcased. I think my wallet has already gone crazy as I will need to squeeze more money from him. lol. However, I need to cut down since I want to divert more funds to get other stuffs. So I might need to give up owning these gorgeous figurines. Sigh, how I wish I was working.

For the scans of the other figurines in HobbyJapan go these websites: Figure.fm, Wcloudx and Figure/GK.

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