Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 04

Actually the true title for this episode should be: Ookami-san to Nakama-tachi wa Maid-sama. Why? Just look below….

Maids and Traps!!!

Ok. The real story is about our favourite meido, Otsuu Tsurugaya, and why she is obsessed with favor repayment. (Short and sweet. ;P)

Okaeri-nasai mase, Goshujin-sama! ❤

Also, there are lots of dere-dere moments of our tsudere, ookami-san. 😀

And her meido look.

Too bad, she never says moe moe kyun…. orz

And who is she?!?! A new character? Go watch and find out. 😛

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