Dhalsim is an Airbender?!?!

Came across this webpage when I just logout from my email. Instant WTF!

I think those writers should at least google the name or ask around if they don’t know the name of character. Seriously WTF! And I thought the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie is showing in cinemas which means that there should be posters with the airbender’s picture on it everywhere. Well, my train station has been decorated by those posters of that movie.

Avatar/Aang should look like this:

While Dhalsim should look like this:

So from here, we can notice that Aang the Airbender should have a blue arrow on his head and not red stripes which belongs to Dhalsim. Hence, Dhalsim should be the character of that attendee’s cosplay. Seriously, this shows that the writer is very lazy and don’t bother to check which will affect the image and the credibility of the company since the webpage is made visible to all people.

Really /facepalm.

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