Wallet-killing by Preorders!!!

Today, anime figurine companies have decided that today is a good day to kill all wallets. Hence, several preorders are out by Alter and Kotobukiya.

First out we have Kinoshita Hideyoshi from “Baka to Test to Shokanju” made by Alter. As always, Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi.

Next, we have Saten Ruiko from “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun” made by Alter. So how I feel that her face is abit too round. Doesn’t look too correct in my opinion.

Last one from Alter/Altair is Yuri Lowell from the game “Tales of Vesperia”.

It also comes with a chibi version also. Looks cute.

Next is from Kotobukiya, Mina Tepes from “Dance in the Vampire Bunds”. Yes, everyone’s favourite loli (naked) vampire has appeared as a gorgeous 1/6 scale figure.

Hmm… She does have that inviting look. ^^;

Second figurine from Kotobukiya is Sorami Kanata from “So Ra No Wo To”.

Looks nice and the shading looks awesome.

Both Kotobukiya’s prototype figurines looks wonderful. However, I hope that the mass produced versions can retained the same quality as the prototypes.

All these figurines can be preordered from your favourite online shops: Hobby Search and Amiami.

Pictures courtesy of Hobby Search.

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