Mitsudomoe 03

I would say Mitsudomoe episode 3 is one of the best anime episode that I have seen so far. It is just too awesome. This shows us how we can easily misunderstand other people’s intention and their words (usually in a wrong way) even though the person means another thing. Let’s look at some screenshots.

COME! Don’t BE afraid.

Misunderstanding 1: The (ero) book and the pantsu.

“OMG!!! It’s a shimapan”

Misunderstanding 2: Yaoi vs Yuri

Both the uke goes “Oh SHI-

Misunderstanding 3: Horror TV program vs “H” TV Program

“Why are you naked while staring at a PINK screen?”

Misunderstanding 4: The Kamen Onmyouji vs the Mizugi Sutra Shoujo


“OH MY GOD!!!”

Misunderstanding 5: The Berserker and the pantsu.

I think he really can join the next holy grail war as a berserker.

Before that, he has some pantsu to deliver. Hmm…. white, shima and pink polka dots….

Well, let’s hope these screenshots will help to explain how awesome Mitsudomoe 03 is. Just go and watch it. I don’t think you will regret it. (Hope not :P)

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