Hatsune Miku Memory Stick

It seems like Hatsune Miku has started to appear in more stuffs other games and videos. Now, we have Hatsune Miku on a memory stick pro duo. It seems like with the release of the popular Project Diva 2nd, Hori has decided to make a 3.9GB memory stick pro duo which comes with custom psp themes (vocaloid/ Miku related?) and icons. Actually, that memory stick is a 4GB card. It is just that the number 3 and 9 can be read as “Mi” and ‘ku” respectively. I think many Miku fans would want to being this home, no? šŸ˜›

Oh, by the way, it seems like it is listed on amazon so go get yours now.

Sources: Zone Otaku, HachimakiĀ Gaming blog

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