New Preorders!!! (03/08/2010)

More items from the wonder festival summer 2010 are out for preorder.

First off, we have Figma Shikinami Asuka Langley from the movie: Rebuild of Evangelion.

100% get since they include the pilot seat too. Also 3 awesome faces are included too.

Next, we have Nendoroid Tomoe from the anime: Queen’s Blade. Usually Nendoroids are made by GSC but there are nendoroids made by other companies like in this case, FREEing.

Not getting and waiting for Airi. 😛

Next is 1/7 PVC Tainaka Ritsu from K-ON! by Maxfactory.

hmm…. Waiting for Azunyan~

As always, all these can be preordered from Hobby Search and Amiami.

Pictures courtesy of Hobby Search.

Also as regard to Hatsune Miku Memory Stick Pro Duo (posted on 1st August), Amiami has opened up the preorder for this memory stick pro duo at 3340 yen. So miku lovers go get your memory stick now!!!

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