Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 05

Oh man! I really know how to procrastinate. This little review should have been out for a long time. Well, get to work now. 😛

The man behind the Otogi bank and the principal. Also a perverted person.

She is our main protagonist for this episode. Yep, she is know as momoko and she and this episode is based on the Japanese fairy tale, Momotaro.

Yes, she is a bisexual.

“You are gonna be eaten, Ookami-san.”

Yep, she is into Y U R I!

And beside that, she is the owner of the “Millet Dumplings”. Looks delicious. XD

“All hail the millet dumplings!!!”

Both Ryouko and Ryoushi have received new upgrades from their mad scientist.

Nice disguise!

The Bad Guy!

This episode also uncover a bit of the past regarding Ryouko and the above bad guy.

OMG! Ryouko was so womanly and looked gentle! ❤

Oh shi- What had happen here?!?! She looks like she has been violated.

Damn you!!! You should be sent to hell using a speedboat by Enma Ai.

Will Ryouko ever get pass the trauma and return to her original self?

Stand tune for more episodes. Provided the animation company want to touch on this topic first. 😛

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