New Preorder from Megahouse!!!

Well, we only have 1 preorder to announce. There are others but they are all MALES!!! lol. We prefer some eye candies. So here it is:

Serizawa Fumino from the series: Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Megahouse is kind enough to provide 2 faces so you can have her having a tsun tsun look or an “Ohaiyo!” dere dere look. Besides, 2 cute nekos are also provided to make you go nyaa~.  😀

Oh! By the way, I think they are giving her the stripes.

Fumino: “GO DIE TWICE ALREADY!!!!” *kicks misterowl24 out into the space…..*

Any-old-how, you can preorder her from Hobby Search. Yep, (hobby) search for this lost kitty.  😛

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