EOY 2010 details

Details for EOY 2010 has been announced.

Anon A: What is EOY?

Misterowl24: It stands for End of Year.

Anon A: What kind of event is it?

Misterowl24: Well, it basically is a cosplay event but in recent years, it has included other activities such as band performances. Now, you could say that EOY is a Japanese cultural event. Not just mainly a cosplay event.

So are you interested? EOY is back again in 2010 at a larger venue than last year!

Details as followed:

[ Date & Time ]
Sunday, 12 December 2010
10 am – 6:30 pm

[ Location ]
The Republic Cultural Centre
Republic Polytechnic
9 Woodlands Ave 9
Singapore 738964
10 minutes walk from Woodlands MRT (Sheltered)

[ Timeline of EOY Events ]

  • Sep – Oct: Opening of all registrations (Booths, performances)
  • Oct: Sale of pre-sale tickets
  • Late Oct: Auditions #1, Auditions #2
  • Nov: Announce performing finalist
  • 12 Dec ’10: Rehearsal & actual EOY event

[ Admission / Ticketing ]
To be announced on a later date.
Limited to only 3,200 tickets (presale, door & premium).
Due to space limitatons, and to ensure that everyone enjoys EOY comfortably in our new location, there will be a limit to the amount of tickets to be sold this year. Please ensure that you book them earlier to avoid disappiontment!

[ Event Hightlights ]

  • Cosplay Group Competitions
  • Solo Cosplay Competitions
  • Band Performances
  • Musical Performances (Piano, Guitar, Violin, Orchestra, etc)
  • Vocals, Anime/Jpop Covers
  • Dances
  • Grafitti Wall

More exciting event highlights and details to be announced on a later date!

[ Booth Type & Availability ]
In EOY 2010, we will be opening and expanding into game booths as well, turning EOY 2010 into a giant cosplay carnival and fair to increase our variety of activities:

  • Anime/Cosplay Merchandise
  • Artwork
  • Games (Fortune Telling, Haunted Houses, Lucky Dips, etc)
  • Japanese Fashion Accessories

[ Suggested Attire & Things to Bring ]
EOY is primarily a cosplay arts event, you are encouraged to come in your most outstanding cosplay costumes or anything Japanese fashion related. Please also remember to bring your cameras, cash for shopping and take lots of pictures as well!

[ Sponsors, Media Partners & Supporting Entities ]

It seems like the organizers has decided to limit the number of people attending the event to prevent overcrowding. This is a good move so people can enjoy themselves fully with less inconveniences. However, this means that those people who are interested must preorder or buy their tickets as early as possible unless they want to miss the awesome event.

Oh! If you all want to know how the place look like, jump over here to check it out.

Check out EOY 2010 Website and their facebook for the latest info. 🙂

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