K-ON!! 18

“We NEED your support!!!”

Episode 18 is about the class’ decision to do a play for the school cultural festival. However……..

Mio is the Ro-mio (romeo). lol.

While Ritsu is the Juliet. Oh! She just went crazy over those mushy lines and dramatic scenes.

I think this would be everyone’s reaction when they knew Ritsu is the Juliet. Rofl.

But Mugi is really looking forward to it. SHE WANT HER YURI PLAY And she is in charge on working the script.

The play is in trouble as Mio has stage freight fright and is shy while Ritsu is not girlish enough.

They tried to change by changing how they wear their uniform. Mio looks hot here.

They also tried practising by sleeping together….. Woah! Is it really becoming a Yuri play?

To get rid of Mio’s shyness, the girls decided to become maids (waitresses to be exact) for a while.

Well…… At least she managed to survive the job. And now onto the stage!


Ritsu has learned Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!! lol.

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