Revealing One’s Otaku Life

Would you told your loved ones/ friends/ parents/ spouses about your otaku life (watching anime, collecting figurines, cosplaying, etc) ? If no, why?

For me, my parents only know that I am watching “paper show” a.k.a. anime. (Last time, animation is done by loads of paper, no? And so the nickname “paper show” for anime. lol) However, they just think it is just some cartoon of safe genre. I think if they knew that there are fanservice genre in anime, they would make a big fuss about it. Think of it like Unlimited Nagging Works (UNW). Sigh~

Not only that, my figurine collection is still a secret but I think they will know about it sooner or later when I clear up some space to display them. Now, I have some small trading figurines on my PC desk to test my parents’ level of tolerance. XD. So far so good. Maybe wait till they see the big ones. lol. Luckily, there are no ecchi figurines in my collection.

Beside the figurine collection and anime, they might also be shocked about the cosplay photos that I took. No, I don’t cosplay. I just took cosplayers’ photos during events. They would wonder why I don’t shoot normal stuff such as sceneries, real portraits, etc. “Ah boy, why these people, the hair so colourful one? Wa, all these crazy people you also want to shoot.” See, UNW again. lol.

So would you reveal about your otaku life?

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