K-ON!! 19 – The Couple, the Treant & the Occult

After the intensive training in the previous episode, now is the time for the play to occur. Well, the play was a success even though there is a slip-up. The girls lost Juliet’s tombstone but they were fortunate enough to replace it with the help of the occult club. Er…. the replacement was not a tombstone but rather a replica of a Rosetta stone. On the whole, no major error in the play and after that, the girls had decided to stay overnight in School to practise for their concert which was on the next day. Sawa-chan was awesome in this episode. Using her sewing power, she practically made all the costumes in the festival. She had also prepared a special T-shirt for the girls’ concert. Well, next episode will really be a blast. (Erm, it IS good since I have watched already. XP)

Now for some screenshots:

I would be distracted from work too if these 2 cuties are in my shop. XD

LOOK! 4 arms!

Sawa-chan! You are AWESOME! But I think you need some sleep. Look at those eye bags

All set for battle except for Mio.

Yui the Treant.

Well, it is really pointless to have a face for a tree. Er… where are the other trees?

Confession of a forbidden love.

Almost there……..

WHERE IS THE KISS!!!!!!!!!!! *rage*

Another one with sexy forehead?

Welcome to Occult Academy!

A lot of people would kill for that kiss.

*dies from moe-ness*

Very misleading. Very SYD-ish. lol.

That’s all now. 1 more for K-ON!! and 2 more for Ookami-san to write. Ganbatte!

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