Highschool of the Dead 08

HELL YEAH!!!!! Finally we get to see this scene from the Manga! Boobs as Shock Absorber!!!

Girls and their upgraded clothings. Saeko’s is the best. Short, high side split skirt with thigh high. Sexy!

(Click image for gif animation)

Saeko is so awesome in this episode. Super GAR, she just goes along melee all the Undeads. She is so pro that she can dodge bullets even at close range. Imagine a bullet flying past her crotch as she jumps and also allowing a bullet to fly past her from her side and between her boobs.

Just click these 2 links to see the action. (GIF image)

Saeko GAR #1

Saeko GAR #2

Screw the gif, here the youtube version!

HoTD is awesome. Go watch it NOW! 😛

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