Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku!!!

31st August is the birthday of the ever popular Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. 2010 marks Miku’s 3rd birthday.


Unlimited Miku Works! XD

Remember to bring Miku to the Amusement Park.

Also buy a Cabybara-san with leeks as a present for Miku.

Or you can just give her the world. 😛

However, if the words “Hatsune Miku” and “Vocaloid” sound very foreign to you, click here and here to learn about them and join the Hatsune Miku/ Vocaloid Fanclub!

Oh! By the way, the Miku Append DLC and Birthday Items for Project Diva 2nd are available for download now.


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5 Responses to Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku!!!

  1. Karch says:

    MIKU ^^

  2. MkMiku says:

    Happy Birthday Miku! Here’s hoping for many more to come! ^^

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  4. catalina says:

    estan presiosas XD

  5. Hannah says:

    SO she’ll be turning 5 this year!!!

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