Highschool of the Dead 09 – Saeko Part 1

Episode 9 of Highschool of the Dead is all about the strong swordwoman, Busujima Saeko. Oh man, the animation company really loves her. This episode should have come much later. I think the company needs a filler episode so that the show will end just nice at the Takagi residence. Oh well, I have no complain. Saeko is AWESOME!!!

Some (Alot) screenshots of the Show (Saeko):

I will also be very stressed at that situation too. lol

Sexy singlet without bra! O_O;;

Oh my~

Saeko ❤

So what should you do if you like Saeko, GRAB her left boob!!!

The MORE you LOVE her, the HARDER you GRAB!!!

Yep, just like Takashi did.


What has she tasted?

She likes it from the back?

I think a lot of guys would love to do it.

Yep, she is wet.

A lot of guys: “YES! WE WILL!!!

By the way, try not to make her cries…..

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