Highschool of the Dead 10

OMFG! Another Yandere?!?!?!

Takagi’s house is really like the last safe place on Earth. A place where our characters can take a break, heal their wounds and prepare for the worse. However, they are still reminded that they can’t go back to their carefree lives again. Well, at least not with all the zombies wandering around. This episode is also the start of a lot of annoying stuffs. One which is shown in this episode, is that adults are in command and kids should listen and go hide. Serious bullshit. Though they want kids to be safe but in this situation, they need all the fighting power they can get. Being an adult doesn’t mean being all powerful, strong and smart. In the end, they are just human beings. The other annoying thing is conflicting ideals which I think will surface in the next episode or so. Now move on to some screenshots.

Erm……. Shouldn’t Saeko or Saya be in there instead of Takashi?

Nice pillows…..

Practice makes perfect. lol

New age guards. Where katana is better than guns.

Hmm…. Having a meeting in a room with a naked woman……..

How can you concentrate during the meeting?!?!?!

Feeling a litte cranky?

Just let someone hold you high up and ….

Must hold from the chest area…….

See! It works! No longer feeling cranky. lol

Ya ya….. As if you know how to use them properly…… At least Hirano got some training!

Huh? Hirano Kouta is childish? He is much more GAR than you all!

Agreed. If they were to wait for adults, they would become zombies already.

Another worthless crap who will appear next episode………

Saeko Time!


“I never saw your tiny weenie…”


Wow wow!

Wow wow wow! *faints*


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