New Preorders! The Cute and the Sexy!

Let’s start off with the cute ones.

1) Nendoroid Archbishop from the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Dec release and priced at 3500 yen.

Cute but no thanks. Overspend in Oct already. Now limiting….

2) 1/4 Tamura Hiyori Gym Uniform ver. by FREEing from the series Lucky Star. Jan release, with a price tag of 14800 yen!

Luckily I am not crazy about Lucky Star so I am quite immune.

Now to the sexy ladies…….

3) 1/7 Escalayer Griffon Enterprises Ver. from the series: Beat Angel Escalayer. Mid Dec release. Cost around 7600 yen.


4) 1/8 Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade Rebellion – Dancer of Moonlight LunaLuna by Megahouse and Hobby Japan. Mid Feb release and priced at 8400 yen.

I would be killed if I have such a sexy figurine. lol

Anyway, all these figurines can be preordered from Amiami and Hobby Search.

Pictures courtesy of Amiami and Hobby Search.

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