Busujima Saeko Cosplay

A famous cosplayer, Kanda Midori, cosplaying as our favourite zombie slayer, Busujima Saeko, from the anime, Highschool of the Dead.


Somehow I prefer Saeko in the sexy short skirt with the split at the side rather than her school uniform skirt. XD

*nosebleeds* Wa~

Anyway, try not to become a zombie or else……

Somehow, I think a lot of guys would like to be subdued by her. lol

Too bad, these photos were not taken by me. How I wish I was there to take these awesome photos. Kanda Midori has really done a good job in portraying Saeko’s coolness and her sexiness. *thumbs up*

Perhaps, I should try to post more cosplay photos too. Well, we shall see…..

Source: Sankaku Complex

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