New Preorders! The Knight, the Sorceress & the Ballerina

More preorders: Figma Kamen Rider Wing Knight, Kotobukiya’s Sorceress Manaka and Ayanami Rei Ballerina Style.

1) 1/7 Ayanami Rei -Ballerina Style- by Kotobukiya from Evangelion. Releasing Jan 2011 and cost around 6800 yen.

Kotobukiya seems to favor Rei more. Somemore, they are not doing plugsuit version but expand into other costumes: Yukata and Ballerina. Hopefully, Koto can follow up and release Asuka version too.

2) 1/8 Sorceress Manaka by Kotobukiya from the series: Manaka de Ikuno!! She will be released in Jan 2011 (Again!) and priced around 6800 yen.

3) Figma Kamen Rider Wing Knight from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Releasing in Dec 2010 and priced around 3200 yen.

Heard that the cape is made out of cloth. O_O

All above figurines can be pre-ordered from Hobby Search or Amiami.

Pictures courtesy of Hobby Search.

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