Gundam 00 Movie Summary [Spoilers Alert!]

Gundam 00 Movie: A Wakening of Trailblazer is showing in Japan today (18 Sep 2010). However, Singapore is lucky enough to bring in this movie and this is showed on the SAME DAY as Japan. Went to watch this movie this afternoon and it is AWESOME! For those Gundam fans living in Singapore, you can book your tickets at SISTIC [<< CLICK!]. Hurry since this will only be showed from 18 to 29 Sept 2010.

Summary after this jump. lol [Spoilers alert!]

Many spoilers ahead and I will try to recall as much as possible. Hence, this summary might not be 100% accurate. lol

Please remember to stay till the end!

1) Movie starts with a movie called Celestial Being. A WTF spoof on Gundam 00.

2) Something came out of Jupiter and infected the Celestial Being’s spaceship that was abandoned near Jupiter many years ago. This ship had started to move towards Earth.

3) Louise was still recuperating in Hospital.

4) Marina Ismail and Shirin Bakhtiar went to inspect some space construction and were assaulted. However, Setsuna arrived in Flag and destroy the enemies’ GN-X. (Damn! he is very skilled.)

5) The new government went for a peaceful approach on uniting the world. Their core value seems to be promoting harmony. Btw, they were seen using Veda and Innovades were helping them.

6) A ship was heading towards Earth. The army had determined that the ship is empty and would crash into Earth. Sent missiles to destroy it but it was still intact.

7) The army sent in Captain Descartes Shaman with a Mobile Suit/Armor, Gadelaza. Descartes was the first certified Innovator on Earth and it seems that there were other Innovators emerging on Earth.

8] Gadelaza was something like Protoss carrier which was equipped with many fangs but faster. It had a large particle canon too and it destroyed the stray ship easily.

9) The debris from the ship fell onto the Earth.

10) The machines around the debris crash site went haywire. Louise went berserk and felt something was wrong. Well, Setsuna also felt something was off.

11) People with quantum brain waves aka people who had ability to become Innovators and those who were Innovators were being attacked one after another. And they were infected/assimilated and part of their body was turned into metal.

12) “Ribbons Almark” went to attack Louise. Setsuna saved her but was shocked to see him.

13) Well, that Ribbons was fake and was actually the debris from the crashed ship. A shapeshifter and was labelled as ELS by the Federation.

14) Allelujah and Marie were attacked too. [Duh! Both had quantum brain waves].

15) Luckily, Lockon came and saved them with Dynames. [WTH! They still had that antique!]

16) A second ship (believed to be the Celestial Being’s ship) appeared near Ptolemaios 2. It was armed with fangs.

17) Gundam Zabanya and Harute were sent out to battle it. 00 raiser with GN condenser was also sent out.

18) They were overwhelmed. Setsuna didn’t seem to be able to fight properly since the ELS had been disturbing him.

19) 00 raiser’s left arm was pierced and the ELS seems to start assimilating him.

20) Luckily, Tieria came with his Raphael Gundam (and a new body) and saved Setsuna. And he blasted the ELS to pieces with all his imba firing power. Raphael Gundam seemed to be equipped with GN drive Tau.

21) A shitload of ELS (Large ones and many small ones) appeared from Jupiter. 2 of Jupiter’s moon were destroyed.

22) Earth sent some fleets to determine their intention. Descartes was also sent there. Well, they planned to use him as a bait.

23) Battle occured. Many MS were assimilated and so were the ships. Even Descartes was overwhelmed and assimilated.

24) Celestial Beings came and started fighting. All were still having problems especially Setsuna.

25) Setsuna tried to communicate with ELS using the Trans-Am burst. But information overload and was attacked by ELS.

26) In order to save Setsuna, Tieria used his quantum brain waves to lure away all the ELS. He also activated his 2nd MS on his Raphael Gundam. Well, it was called Seravee so it might be a modified version of Seravee.

27) Tieria sacrificed himself. The rest tried to escape but the ELS continue to give chase.

28) GARham Graham and his platoon of MS Brave arrived to help out the Celestial Beings. These Brave were fast and had powerful firepower. An imba upgraded Flag.

29) Setsuna had suffered some brain damage but could be fixed. Tieria did not die but was just kicked back into the Veda. lol.

30) A large sphere as big as Earth’s moon appeared and continued to move towards Earth.

31) Earth decided to evacuate all people and plan for counterattacks.

32) Celestial Beings also started preparing and getting Qan[T] ready with the 2 new GN drives. Tieria requested for a Veda terminal to be built within the Qan[T] so as to handle the massive inflow of information from ELS if Setsuna were to communicate with them again.

33) Time had came for the battle. The location was behind the moon and the Satellite/Celestial Being’s Mothership containing Veda became the main battleship.

34) First wave of missiles were fired back was not effective. Then, a huge canon which was attached on the Veda was fired and it destroyed many ELS and blasted through the large ELS sphere.

35) Mobile Suits were sent out to battle those numerous fang-like ELS. Many were assimilated.

36) Many ELS had started to transformed in to MS and Battleships similar to the Federation’s.

37) Graham and his team also joined in.

38) Earth Federation’s army was in a disadvantage.

39) Celestial Beings arrived. Both Lockon, Allelujah/Hallelujah and Marie went into serious mode.

40) Gundam Zabanya deployed rifle bits and shield bits at the same time. Well, rifle bits were in the shield bits all along. Lockon had an attack where he fired his rifle bits like the Kira Yamato. Beside that, he also had rain of missiles. (Seriously! The missiles were literally raining down on enemies!)

41) Gundam Harute was very fast and used missiles to rain on the enemies as it zoomed past them. Harute also had 1 special mode which could only be activated when both Allelujah and Hallelujah were in sync. Then, Harute would reveal 6 eyes and its battle capabilities would increase. Besides missiles, it was also equipped with 2 canon on its back.

42) Andrei Smirnov died in battle. The ELS was winning.

43) After a long flashback, Setsuna awakened and hurried into the battle with its Qan[T]. The lol part is that a mini Tieria was in the cockpit (well, there was a Veda terminal in there so he can appear there). Not only that, Mileina confessed her love to Tieria stating she would still love him no matter what form he was in. lolwut!?

44) Gundam Zabanya and Harute blasted a path for Setsuna to fly through so he could communicate with the ELS and to stop the battle. Well, both Zabanya and Harute were also starting to receive damages.

45) Patrick was seen almost being killed and assimilated but Setsuna might to blasted the ELS and Patrick’s MS. And Patrick managed to escaped. He was really an Immortal. lol

46) Setsuna reached the surface of the ELS sphere but he was chased by other ELS ships.

47) Setsuna used Trans-Am and destroyed them. Well, Tieria had warned Setsuna not to use Trans-Am as it was a necessity for the communication with the ELS. Setsuna then continued to try to cut through the sphere so he could enter. However, a shield was built up.

47) Graham who was now partially assimilated, rammed his MS into the sphere to create a hole for Setsuna to enter.

48) Inside the sphere, Setsuna used Qan[T]’s Quantum system to start the communication.

49) Veda ship was attacked and was started to be assimilated. Ptolemaios 2 had suffered serious damages and was on the verge on being totally assimilated.

50) Truth about ELS was revealed. They were from another planet (duh!) where its sun was going to go haywire and they were searching for another habitable planet.

51) Once both Setsuna and ELS understood each other, ELS stopped attacking.

52) Setsuna was seen teleporting to ELS planet. Perhaps to visit and save ELS’s planet?

53) A large yellow flower structure was formed in the middle of battle field. Maybe to symbolize peace between Earth and ELS?


55) AD 2091, Aeolia was talking to a young man about advancement/development of human race and how human race would brought about more conflicts even when they went into space. They needed understanding between each other.

56) AD 23xx (forgotten. lol but it is in the future.), about a quarter of human race had become Innovators and Earth was peaceful due to the help of Innovators to achieve understanding between people.

57) Earth was preparing to explore the (outer?) space using a new spacecraft named Sumeragi. And Innovators were chosen since their adaptability and survivability were better. Klaus Grado was to be the head of the exploration. (Seems like the Ex-Katharon leader became an Innovator)

58) Many infected people had survived but became part metal.

59) Old Marina Ismail was playing piano and she noticed someone entering her house. She asked for identity of the person since she could no longer see. The person was revealed as Setsuna but now he appeared to be metallic. Perhaps he had fused with ELS to have better understanding? Well, he still looked young. They embraced and stated they had both understand each other.

60) Outside, Qan[T] was spotted landed behind the house. It looked like it had attained wings which looked like the ones from Strike Freedom. Then, it appeared to be covered with flowers (Well, something like Gundam 00 in season 2 ending 2 video).

61) The movie ended with “Peace can never be attained through war/violence, only though understanding”.

Setsuna seems to be more emo in this movie. Maybe he felt inferior/ weird since he was different from others. Qan[T] was imba even though not much of its battle power and its capabilities was shown. Somehow, I felt that the battle capabilities was secondary when they built the Qan[T] and the main objective of Qan[T] was to facilitate communication with aliens. Now I feel like having a Qan[T] model kit, maybe a 1/100. Patrick was damn lucky. Too bad, Graham had to die in this movie but he died a GAR death. I wondered if Setsuna actually knew Graham’s name. It would really be lol if he doesn’t. Palm-sized Tieria is cute and lol. Overall, it is an awesome movie. I have enjoyed it very much. There is drama, action and story. Gundam fans would love it. And this is the first time in Gundam history that the antagonist is an alien. Even though this movie is brought in by ODEX, but I would still watched it since I like and will support Gundam. Luckily, the subtitles are quite decent.

That’s all for the summary. Hopefully, it is very helpful (as if, given that there are so many spoilers).

Included the Gundam 00 movie CM to help you all visualize some of the spoilers:

(don’t know how long this CM will stay on Youtube. :P)

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19 Responses to Gundam 00 Movie Summary [Spoilers Alert!]

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  4. Soran's Fan says:

    I really, really want to watch the movie now!!!

    By the way, what happens to Feldt and the others?

    • misterowl24 says:

      Well, before the credits, All the people were looking at the huge yellow flower structure. And they knew/commented that Setsuna had managed to stop the attack. That’s all.

      After the credits, none of the Ptolemaios 2 crews was shown.

      Ya, the movie was great. Excited when I heard Singapore was going to show it.

  5. Lacie says:

    Aww thank you :D, I really wanted to find some spoliers XD Now I can’t wait to watch this!!!!! Your awesome for posting this!

  6. anderson says:

    youre my hero !!!! 😀
    thnx for the summary !! 😛

  7. rybaxs says:

    Nooo!!!… Why did the Japs make setsuna an Alien!! Nooo!!! I can’t sleep thinking about it.

  8. zuziako says:

    I saw this movie yesterday and I can’t say I liked it all that much. Fights were cool, animation awesome, but the story itself was FULL OF BULLCRAP.

  9. Kurt says:

    Sure sounds like a lot of drama.

    It seems when setsuna and marina said that they finally understand each other, they most likely finally understood that they love each other.

  10. Loba says:

    agree with zuziako. BULL CRAP

  11. db84x says:

    Yeah, I agree the story really shocking me. This is gundam series, isn’t it ? @_@

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  13. BecauseF.U. says:

    The ELS reminded me a lot of the Scub Coral from (Psalms of Planets) Eureka 7. Anyone else agree?

  14. I wished I did not look at the scene after the scrolling credit -___-

    the Gundam 00 is like the shape of letter “n”…
    at season one, as it goes further, it becomes better and at season 2 its even more cooler!
    but, the movie. I think I like it half-way.. at the end, it is really degrading and not much to say its kind of crap…

    where is my FELDT! @A@

  15. arclight says:

    Everything was cool and awesome… but the ending ruined it. T_T (Tears in my eyes.)

  16. santiago says:

    movie was awesome, quality and story line was really decent. i think some people say it wasn’t that good of a movie because they actually didn’t understand it. This series is so full ideology, politics and philosophy. it’s really beautiful to see all these complicated topic in an anime. i have to say a lot of mature content and deep thoughts. the final scene where the gundam assimilated the flowers had also a meaning, in other words the understanding that humanity finally achieved.

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