Amagami SS – Sae Fest

The heroine for the 3rd arc in Amagami SS is none other than Nakata Sae. Cute, small, shy, feel/look like a small animal and a glamorous body are some of the descriptions for our Sae-chan.

This post uses screenshots from episode 11 and 12 of the show.

Sae is a shy girl and she may not be experience in the outside world. However, with some help from her friends and the perverted instructor, she can still reach her goal, in her case a part time job. She is also very naive since she kept following all those ecchi lessons from the perverted instructor. lol. I do wonder what is the motive that Junichi is trying to achieve by helping Sae. To help a helpless girl or to peek at her glamorous body?

Who would train in such a strong wind?

Unless they want this to happen:

Damn the inner shirt! lol

Now with that bread in your mouth, go and run into the guy you love. lol

With such a moe face, I don’t think any guy would turn down her request. Somemore is to see her in a waitress’ clothing. *fantasizes*

I do love girls who work hard. Hardworking is better than those who slack at home, hoping to marry some rich and handsome guy.

Making a girl waits only happen in anime. If irl, you would be clawed and cursed to death.



Wait a min! How come got tentacle rape? From here we can know that Sae has a glamorous body.

Shy she may be but she is proactive in getting her love across. Even though that other guy might have a thick skull. Use a hammer, Sae-chan.

Don’t be sad.

I would be very happy if I had a girl who strive to make our relationship strong.

Like what our cute Sae-chan did in episode 12. Believing by sharing a banana parfait, the relationship would establish and prosper.

This costume for a best couple contest is overkill. But I think many would love to see Sae in wedding gown.

The best part is:

ZOMFG!!! Wife material confimed!

I don’t think I can concentrate on the movie……..

Yes, I need a drink to cool down. *getting hot here*

Glamorous body Sae in that lolita dress with zettai ryouiki is a MEGA killer.

Lovely zettai ryouiki. ‚̧

Don’t at me like this…….

Please no………

HHHNNNGHHH!!!!! *Death by moe* Of course after watching 4 episodes of mega moe radiation from Sae-chan.

And so end the arc and it ended innocently just like how Sae is. Well, the narration is fine especially it does not cover over the dialogues unlike a certain narrator.

Who could resist a girl with angelic looks and a devil’s body. Besides, she has the skills of a wife and she is hardworking. And she will go all out with her love. I would love to have 1 too. XD

Next up is Nanasaki Ai………

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