Highschool of the Dead 12 End

Episode 12 is the last episode for HOTD so let’s start off with a bang!

Nuclear Explosion…………

Wa, why so bright?

The “Oh Shit!” face.

Then Takagi went on to explain the reason for all electronics to fail is due to the EMP produced by the HANE (High-altitude Nuclear Explosion). And HOTD 12 continues into a Science/documentary programme.

-The End-




Ok, I am just joking. Let’s move on.

Let’s look at Takagi’s parents.

The GAR and fierce-lessĀ father

And the sexy and gorgeous mother

One uses katana to cut off heads

The other goes for bullet spray

Looks like they are having fun!

What a fine zombie killing couple!

Besides them, Their car mechanic is also quite GAR!

Armed with only a small spanner, he marches onto the battle field.

Remember the bitch who keeps talking about saving those zombies and that adults should be in control, well…….

She becomes a murderer. Chopping people in pieces is her way of saving them. lolwut

Justice is served. Om nom nom…..

Let’s hope the next time we saw him, he will be part of them.

Our protagonists’ thought about Takagi’s mom.

Have you all wonder why Shizuka is such a busty bimbo?

“Yes, I do!”

lolwut? That’s kinda sucks.

Don’t cry. At least you are alive and not part of them.

In this show, I think there are 2 MVPs.

One of them will be Hirano Kohta.

Don’t think he just some fat otaku.

Actually he is very GAR!

And he is a good shot. (Best pic in this episode. lol)

Besides, he has a loli magazine reloader/ carrier!


He has the approval of the parents to own their daugther!

He has to be the MVP! Don’t you agree?

“Yes! I agree!”

Well, the other MVP is Saeko. This one is obivous.

She is strong, graceful and sexy! *drools*

She is so awesome that she sits on the roof of the vehicle. Well, if you have been watching HOTD, you will know how awesome she is. She is definitely the undisputed MVP.

Well, HOTD has came to an end. But will this have a 2nd season? I really doubt so since there is not much material for 2nd season. Besides, the manga is slow. However, the anime did put up a cock tease at the end of the ending song.

The venue for the next arc.

Let’s hope there will be a 2nd season in a future. We want more Saeko!

Let’s end with a MAD which combines HOTD with a Durarara song.

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