Amagami SS – Miya’s Arc confirmed


According to the official website, the story arc for Tachibana Miya and Kamizaki Risa will be included in the 13th Blu-ray/DVD volume for Amagami SS. Besides, both arcs will receive their own ending theme.

People who watches Amagami SS for Miya will be cheering since Miya will get her own arc. Oh wait, doesn’t it means that it will be an incest arc. ZOMFG! And who is Risa? According to MAL, she is Junichi’s secret, yandere stalker. Oh shit! Will there be a nice boat scene? We will have to wait to find out. XD

Source: Anime News Network

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3 Responses to Amagami SS – Miya’s Arc confirmed

  1. Psycho says:

    But latest episode of Rihoko arc provide few scene Miya fanservice. I wondering, is this truly Rihoko arc?

  2. AnimeFrEak says:

    Boat scene? Are you trying to give me School Days nightmares?! Anyway I hope that DvD comes out quick and the content is posted quickly.

    • misterowl24 says:

      Luckily, there is no boat scene Risa’s arc and her arc can be considered one of the better one in Amagami SS. Risa is not a yandere but I feel she is more like a milder Kurumizawa Ume of Kimi ni Todoke.

      Now, we will need to wait for Miya’s arc and Amagami SS anime can be considered finish. However, more Amagami stuffs are still happening in the manga. So be sure to check out. lol, for example: a kiss on ribcage area….

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