MM! 01

New season with new anime. MM! – The ultimate fetish anime. Why? Since this anime seems to include many fetishes such as sadism, masochism, brother complex, etc….

Even though this anime is by Xebec and has similar drawing style as ultra ecchi anime like Kanokon and Ladies vs Bulters!, the 1st episode of MM! does not have any ecchi content. However, this is only the 1st episode so only time will tell. Let’s hope this won’t turn into another distasteful ecchi anime.

MM! does have a powerful and popular cast such as Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch Lamperouge, Kraft Lawrence), Ayana Taketatsu (Nakano Azusa, Suminoe Ako), Hayami Saori (Ikaros), Satou Rina (Mikoto Misaka, Minami Haruka), etc….

Azu-nyan has evolved into a Mio. lol. Ayana (or Aya-nyan) does sound abit like Haruhi in this anime.

So I think you better watch this anime to find out more. Better watch or else…….

Mio might come from behind and……….

I know many would be turned off since this might be another moe anime or a stupid harem anime with a tsundere lead. However, I do hope all of you try not to  bash this show. Since the more you bash, the more happy this guy will be………

And it might get worse………

He might go to your house and force you to watch it so that you can become irritated and punish him more.

Mio:”Sounds like a plan to increase ratings.

Overall, I do enjoy the first episode. And seriously, lots of WTF moments.

And this is one of them. 😀

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