New Preorders!!! Purple Figurines

Today, we have 2 purple figurines on preorder: 1/7 GSC Saber Alter and 1/8 Megahouse Nagisa Kaoru.

1) 1/7 Saber Alter by GSC from the series: Fate/Stay Night. Releasing in Apr 2011 and priced at around 9800 yen.I thought they would open up preorder for Tohsaka Rin instead due to the release of DVD and BD of Unlimited Blade Works movie. Oh well, later is better so I can at least save up for moe moe Rin. XD Either way, the sculpt looks awesome. Would be a wonderful figurine to add to one’s collection. So if you had manage to buy the previous 2 Saber variants, your triple Saber collection would look something like this:

Nice but your wallet will be 9800 yen x 3 slimmer. lol

2) 1/8 Nagisa Kaoru by Megahouse GEM Series from the series: Rebuild of Evangelion. Releasing in late Jan 2011 and priced at around 6800 yen.

I can hear a lot of fangirls screaming! lol

All the above can be preordered from Hobby Search and Amiami.

Pictures courtesy of Hobby Search and Mikatan.

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