Amagami SS 14 – Kamen Rider Ai

This is a story about a normal school girl who receives a special belt for defeating J-monster. With the belt, she can transform into Kamen Rider Ai! HENSHIN!

Her belt was given to her by a mysterious librarian.

Familiar? Maybe this pic will help you to remember who she is.

Amano Tooko makes a special appearance. lol

Oh no! The J-monster has appeared!

Time for action!


The belt is set! Do the poses, Nanasaki!

HENSHIN!!!!!!! Her voice is really HHHNNGGHHH.

Kamen Rider AI!!!!!!

Oh, no! J-monster is attacking! Use your special technique, Kamen Rider Ai!

The legendary kick!

The Oh Shit Face. 😀

Kamen Rider Ai has saved the world once again. XD



By the way, there is a new OP.

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One Response to Amagami SS 14 – Kamen Rider Ai

  1. Psycho says:

    Just with smile, Ai save the world from pervert monster TJ.

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