MM! 02

“Remember to watch this show, you perverts!”

2nd episode of MM! explores the reason behind Yuuno’s fear of men. As always, the main lead will try to help our damsel in distress but not without any help from our Mio and friends. Somehow the trip to zoo feels like a forced dating. lol.

Mio still has the feel of Haruhi in my opinion, albeit more violent and bossy.

Yuuno’s fear came from the day where she was assaulted by a guy she was dating. Although she didn’t want to date him, she had no chance to reject him. Or should I say forced into dating him by her friends. He tried to kiss her but Yuuno refused and she accidently scratched his face. And he, well, punched her. What a horny bastard! Well, nothing much was showed after that so let’s hope it was just an assault and nothing sexual happened after that. Poor girl. She does have a better reason (albeit a bad one) for androphobia than Inami of Working! And has a better reason for punch the guys first before they punch her.

This guy should be dumped into Jupiter.

Ok, here comes the best part of this episode of MM!

The evolution of the Trap. XD

Yes, he was very cute, moe and gorgeous. So much that even girls like him.

“Must take picture!”

Oh no! It’s the moe head tilt……..

Well, he receives too much praises, he will start to change………

Trap evolves into………..


All hail the trap! All hail the trap!


I dunno about this……………

But yours are fake!


Rage level rising!

Yes, they knew it will be very bad. The “oh shit” faces. XD

THE FACEFIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

“When yours are fake!!!!!!!!!!”

Epic scene in my opinion! XD

Oh by the way, Doggy Tarou wants you to remember to watch MM! every week! 😀


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2 Responses to MM! 02

  1. DoctorDazza says:

    ‘feel of haruhi’

    Those exact words went through my mind as I was watching this episode. Although to be fair, Haruhi is bustier and at least a little kind to Kyon. Mio is just a bitch (I hate calling her Mio, she’s ruining the name!)

    • misterowl24 says:

      Well, everyone in this show is not normal so the character of this Mio is still okay. This is what makes this show crazy and awesome. I understand it is hard to relate the name Mio to another new character when K-ON and Strike Witches have just ended. We will get use to it soon. XD

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