Shinryaku! Ika Musume 01

I think I am getting sick…….

Yes, that vomit will become part of squid ink spaghetti. I will never see this the same way again…….

This maybe my expression when someone forces me to eat it.


Hopefully I will not remember that scene so I can enjoy the delicious food. OTL

“I want to be tentacle raep!”


Battle of the Faces:

Round 1:

The evil grin!


Yandere Face!

Ika musume lost! What?!?!

Not happy? I can give you a NICE BOAT scene if you want?

Oh shi- !


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3 Responses to Shinryaku! Ika Musume 01

  1. Psycho says:

    Kero kero kero kero kero kero kero geso geso……
    On hold list.
    This Ika Musume design character reminds me of Index.

  2. Persocom says:

    I love Ika Musume ❤ Good thing I'd never try squid ink spaghetti in the first place xD

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