What? Today is MOE day?!

Yep, 10th October has been agreed by most to be the international moe day. Why? The word moe in Kanji is 萌 which can be broken down into 十,月,十,日 which means 10th October in Chinese. So there you have it, the reason for 10th October being a moe day. 😀 So let’s celebrate this day with some moe pictures.

How can we not include K-ON! when we talk about moe.

Azu-nyan ❤

lol. Did I see double? XD Well, both are voiced by Aya-nyan. Maybe the next moe-blob this season.

The next set will be the very moe Nanoha gang. XD


fuwa fuwa….

Too sweet…. HHHNNGGHHH

This is so wrong for Signum. 😛


Moe Miku Meido

Haku Meido is moe…..




Well, both Sawako and Vita are voiced by the same seiyuu. lol

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