EOY 2010 Ticketing & Guests Info

More information for EOY 2010 has been released which includes ticket pricing and the special guests.

1) Let’s start off with the price of tickets. There are 2 kind of tickets:

Normal: $13 (pre-sale), $16 (Door = buy on the spot)

VIP: $29 (General Admission + Guaranteed Seating for all performances + Free Drink)

Besides, for people who order 3 or more VIP tickets will stand to enjoy a 25% discount.

Tickets will be available on sale from 25 October 2010 onwards. You can get them from Gatecrash (through the website, Singapore Post Offices and SAM machines) and Pan-in-the-Box (Chinatown Point Level 2).

2) Now onto the special guests. This time round, EOY committee has invited 2 famous Japanese dancing net idol, Aikawa Kozue and Ikura, from the dance group, DANCEROID. Both are famous for doing dance using vocaloid related songs.

Aikawa Kozue (dancing to the song: Renai Circulation)

Ikura (dancing to the song: Renai Circulation)

Reminder for the Location, Date and Time for EOY (End of Year) 2010:

[ Date & Time ]
Sunday, 12 December 2010
10 am – 6:30 pm

[ Location ]
The Republic Cultural Centre
Republic Polytechnic
9 Woodlands Ave 9
Singapore 738964
10 minutes walk from Woodlands MRT (Sheltered)

Interested people, please remember to get your tickets from 25th October onwards.

Source: EOY 2010 Website, EOY Facebook,

Related Websites: DANCEROID website, DANCEROID Youtube Channel, Gatecrash, Aikawa Kozue Youtube Channel, Aikawa Kozue’s Official BlogIkura’s Official Blog,

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