Preorders for This Week!!!

Let’s see…. We have GSC’s Dead Master -animation version-, Wave’s Asuka Plugsuit version, Nendoroid Sanzenin Nagi, Nendoroid play set #4: Western Set A and B.

1) 1/8 Dead Master -animation version- by GSC from the series: Black Rock Shooter. Priced at around 9800 yen and releasing in Mar 2011.

Somehow I feel that this version is better than the original version. Will she get the curse of BRS delay? lol

2) 1/10 Shikinami Asuka Langley [Plug Suit Ver.]  by Wave from the series: Rebuild of Evangelion. She cost around 4400 yen and will be released in late Apr 2011.

Wave does love Asuka. After the test plugsuit and apron version, Wave decide to make the original plugsuit version. I wonder if Wave would make all the casual dress that Asuka wore in the 2.0 movie. Another hole for Asuka fans. XD

3) Nendoroid Sanzenin Nagi by Max Factory from the series: Hayate no Gotoku. Releasing in Feb 2011 for around 3800 yen.


4) Nendoroid Play Set #04: Western Set A and B by Phat Company. Both cost 2200 yen each and will be released in Mar 2011.

Well, same as always, both sets can combine to give a more completed room look.

All the above can be preordered from Hobby Search and Amiami.

Pictures courtesy of Hobby Search.


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