Sora no Otoshimono Movie Confirmed!!!

Sora no Otoshimono movie has been confirmed for production in the December issue of Newtype magazine. More details will be announced when the magazine is officially out on 10th November.

More Astraea clumsiness and cuteness?

Source: Moetron, Newtype

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22 Responses to Sora no Otoshimono Movie Confirmed!!!

  1. Dec0ded says:

    been following the series from the very beginning, been watching it online, and still continue too, cant wait for the movie , hope this series goes on for a while longer ! ~ ~ ~ dont let it end too quickly ~ ~ ~

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  3. Qazsful says:

    yah same here, i really like this show. Its by have the best Story line and Character Development. If in Ep 12 Tomoki did picked someone that will surely abruptly ended that show. I really hope there’s a Season 3 .

  4. Nameless says:

    I think there other upcoming season 3 but the question is when its coming.
    This is my favorite anime .. heehehheh
    I think it a interesting and funny movie…

  5. Christopher says:

    GREAT ANIME!!!! Im begging for a Season 3 this was amaizing, ive seen all the episodes up to now and was extremely happy on the last episode saying that the movie was gonna be made! Looking foward to seeing season 3 if its made (really hope so), i wish this series could drag on as long as Bleach, this is just epic!

  6. philip says:

    I love this anime ive watched all episodes and i will soon be rewatching, i rly hope theres a season 3 coming out. i cant wait for movie

  7. Spectra says:

    I hope this anime don’t end in next 10 seasons.:D I’s to cool.I hope tomoki chose icarus:D

  8. kervin says:

    yea i agree wif eu all.. this is so far de best anime i saw.. it makes me laugh and cry at de same time.. love ikaros!

  9. Zero99944 says:

    hope this anime will continue 4 at least 10 seasonS!!
    really like this anime~~
    feel not enough for watching if anime so good like this ended that fast in season 2~
    hope this anime at least have 10 seasons to let me watch enough !!

  10. loyalty_4ever says:

    i hope this anime will continue to season 3,coz this was my favourite anime..

  11. Alec says:

    this is awesome i saw every episode from top to bottom and now there is a movie. I just hope that it drags on to even more episodes than bleach. The most EPIC anime yet.

  12. mathias says:

    Probably on of the most interesting and FUNNIEST anime i’ve ever seen.
    I say it’s on my top 3 list together with Hitman Reborn and Fairy Tail

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  14. Nymph-san says:

    I hope this continues. I haven’t had enough of Nymph, Chaos, or Ikaros yet 😡


  15. BURN! says:

    THIS THE BETS ANIME I EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dont let this anime get end too quickly

  16. Sukatagerman says:

    this pulls you in the episode i would wish to have that haha
    i hope there is a season 3 coming out

  17. Tomo-chan says:

    Do Someone now where i can watch peacefully and quietly the movie or a coming season ???

  18. Ikaros lover says:

    I wish SNO have a season 3
    i love ikaros so much >..<

  19. pp says:

    New trailer

  20. DWstrikeforce says:

    Which…which…which director…make……such an……AWSOME ANIME….WHO IS HE?…or she….RELEASE THE MOVIE ON 25 JUNE …..DUN END SO SOON U HEAR ME?!!…..MAKE IT LAST AS LONG AS NARUTO OR BLEACH!!!…..DUN LET SUCH AN AWSOME ANIME END LIKE THIS….!!! ICAROS U ROCKS!!!season 3…PLS COME OUT!!!!!!!!!after the movie….

  21. man I love the anime please don’t end it yet specially the last episode

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