AFA X Main Stage Schedule

AFA X facebook had uploaded the schedule for main stage. So those who are attending will have enough time to plan. XD

I wonder which show would Hanazawa-sama be doing the live dubbing for. Angel Beats, Otome Youkai Zakuro, To-LOVE-Ru, Bungaku Shoujo, Ore Imo or even Kuragehime? I seriously want to see her using her seiyuu skills.

And the Disappearance movie will be shown at 9.45am!!! That’s early! I hope people will recover from the excitement from the first day. XD Now then I saw the typo…. “Cuture Japan…”. Anyway, Gundam 00 movie will be on day 1 while Haruhi movie will be on day 2.

And finally, a picture of the guests going up the main stage.

And btw, Danny Choo is planning a meetup with Singaporeans. Check out this post for more details.

Lastly, a short guide for AFA from me:

1) Rest well the day before AFA. You will need it, seriously.

2) Bring enough CASH if you want to buy stuffs. Besides, it is easier to manage your funds this way. No cash = no buy = no overspending. lol

3) Bring rations especially WATER to hydrate yourself. If not, you might not last for day 2. Some snacks and food if you don’t want to leave AFA for food.

4) But do remember not to litter. Keep the place clean.

5) Print the schedule so as not to miss anything.

6) Ask the cosplayers before taking their photos so they can prepare and give you their best poses.

7) Try not to take pictures of cosplayers when they are resting (basically when not posing). Well, less unglam photos and less chance of you being flamed on forums. lol

8 ) DO NOT stalk any cosplayers, guests or anyone. We do not want you to end up on newspaper the next day for the wrong reasons.

9) Remember to cheer when guests are performing!!! motteke! motteke!

10) Be prepare for AFA withdrawals symptoms after the whole event. lol

Source: AFA X Facebook

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