Cosplay @ STGCC Day 2

STGCC = Singapore Toys, Game & Comic Convention. Well, I only went to level 3 to take some pictures of cosplayers. Too poor for the entry ticket. lol.

More pictures coming…….

Keima going to a convention! There must be a runaway spirit nearby.


Love is WAR!

Since Christmas is coming, many of the cosplayers are adding Christmas elements to their costumes.

With the help of someone’s flash. lol.

Nice wig.

Crowded level 3 where cosplayers and walls of photogs exist.

I wish I have a flash though. Maybe should cut down on PVC and save for one….

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3 Responses to Cosplay @ STGCC Day 2

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  2. ShuffleAir says:

    Wow. A Keima cosplayer. You don’t see that too often. He’s actually pretty good too.

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