Last Episode re-confirms Sora no Otoshimono Movie

Last episode of Sora no Otoshimono Forte has re-confirmed that it will have a movie which CwR has reported about it 1 month ago.

It seem like it will focus on Hiyori’s arc. Besides, Nymph will get an upgrade or should I say something like a bankai. 😀

Well, I can’t wait for the movie to be shown. Meanwhile, I shall wait for the BD of Sora no Otoshimono Forte and hope for the angeloids to be made into nendoroids.


Pantsu sushi, anyone? 😛

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14 Responses to Last Episode re-confirms Sora no Otoshimono Movie

  1. O_O says:

    throws up a bit… Pass

  2. Golem says:

    Smells Like Fish >.>
    That Is The Worst!


  3. Jelly says:

    hahahahaha i wanna watch the movie right now!!!!!!!!! I wanna know when it comes out though so I can get pumped up!!!

  4. Mario says:

    Guess if nobody will try it,I will then. *Eat it* mm….it delicious,I don’t know why you people hate it.*Turns around and see Sohara,then looks back at the sushi*Oh,now I get why you people don’t want to eat it.*Gets Karate-chop by Sohara*The PAIN!!!!!*Falls down and dies*

  5. ryshifter says:

    When will it be release?

  6. Clau says:

    I’ll eat that shit :))

  7. Jake says:

    omg when is it comin out

  8. lavosoj says:

    ill eat it n then get karate choped hmmmmmmmm i wonder how that will fill no i really want to try it

  9. misterowl24 says:

    @ryshifter & Jake: Will update when I know the release date.

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  11. john jay catipon says:

    I’ll definitely hope there’s a movie!

    besides that, I want it to have a season 3, there are so many unresolved issues in the story and the plot gets more interesting as ever[]

    -i’ll go nuts if they have nendoroids[]!

  12. rasngan says:

    looks yummy ill eat them

    Gemmi them

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