New Figurines Showcase at Akihabara

Akiba Hobby website has just posted about a Black Rock Shooter X’mas campaign which is to celebrate the launch of Black Rock Shooter limited edition blu-ray & DVD set. During that event, there are some new figurines being showcased and some caught my attention.

Oh wow! PVC STR/ Strength! I think it should be 1/8 like the other BRS PVC figurines.

From what I have seen, she has no arms or at least part of them are not there. So she uses that huge claws as replacements. Very nice and those claws looks awesome.

HHNNNGGH! Here comes nendo STR! So cute! Definitely a get.

Wonder GSC will make her arms + fingers articulated.

Of course with PVC & nendo, we also need a figma version. Those arms look heavy here.

I wonder how Max Factory would lighten the weight of the arms so that the arms would not pose any problems to the playability of the figma. If not, the figma can only be displayed and the shoulder might suffer from the weight.

OMFG! GSC will add wings to Tenshi! This will make her a danger to my wallet!

A close-up. Tenshi really looks awesome with her wings!

Cute Kuroneko is cute.


Figma Senjougahara Hitagi…… Wonder if I should get her….. Senjougahara Fascination….

Source: Akiba Hobby

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3 Responses to New Figurines Showcase at Akihabara

  1. super rats says:

    That 1/8 Strength looks pretty cool from the two shots above. It’s definitely something I’ll order.

  2. LordSpeed says:


    Nendo STR!!! she is my favourite and looks EPIC and cute too!

    x3 i can die happy

  3. jesus says:

    awsome toys

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