MM! 12 – Finally……..

With no pantsu shot for the last 11 episodes, Xebec has finally placed one at the end of the final epsiode (12) of MM!

Yep! This is indeed a very nice Christmas present from MM! rofl.

I think this can be consider as a fanservice show but wait a min, there are no pantsu, or overly ecchi scene (for the last 11.9 episodes)! However, there are different kinds of girls; DFC, loli, big breasted, adult/ OL and traps, in different kinds of costumes throughout the show so I think this can somehow be consider as a mild fanservice or an eye candy show. With all sorts of fetishes, (mental/behaviour) sickness and parodies, this show is quite interesting but WTF in my opinion.

Even though the main character in this show is Mio, this season of MM! only concentrates on Yuuno Arashiko. I really hope that there will be a 2nd season and will concentrate more on Mio and why she wants to be god and help people. Hence, there are more rooms for improvements and story. Somehow, I really like the design of those girls. 😛

On the whole, just watch this anime with an open mind and I think you will enjoy it. Not recommended for people looking for plots, harem haters, fanservice haters, super critics and first time anime watchers.

ps: Ayana Taketatsu voice seriously remind me of Haruhi. 😛

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1 Response to MM! 12 – Finally……..

  1. Indalecio says:

    I agree in all with you man.

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