Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Playtime Edition!

Mikatan has posted a picture of a new Snow Miku but this one is known as Snow Playtime Edition. Beside additional winter sets, this Snow Miku is made to be movable. Yep, she has joints on arms and legs like Nendoroid no.121 Saber: Super Movable Edition. However, she is an exclusive item and made to celebrate 62nd Sapporo Snow Festival.

Snow Miku will be sold at the Wonder Festival ‘WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE YOU!! 13″ booth during the festival which will be held between 7th of Feb 2011 to 13th of Feb 2011. However, fans outside Japan can rest easy since she will be sold online too.

Crypton has opened a website for “Snow Miku for Sapporo 2011” and other goods will be available.

Sources: Mikatan’s blog, Nendonesia

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4 Responses to Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Playtime Edition!

  1. vocaloid fan says:

    im not sure if you may know this, but do you think they will sell this miku nendoroid at an anime convention called animeboston in april this year?

  2. BigDaddyAnton says:

    No it does not!
    Since I am a loyal customer to YesAsia they have taken notice of my request to ship this abroad from their japan office!

    so now you can get this nendoroid for 90USD (free shipping) on

  3. 01 says:

    I got this nendoroid pre-owned on amiami for about $71 USD with shipping. The ice tray included. she is so adorable!

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