Happy New Year!!!

HAPPY 2011!!!!!

Source: Safebooru

Clockwork Realm wishes everyone a Happy New Year!!!

What is your resolution in 2011? Or What do you want/get/do/*insert verb* in 2011?

For 2011, there are lots of stuffs I want to do/get/fulfill! Many things.

1) Less procrastination (lol, hopefully I can do it. :D)

2) Study more in 2011. (Well, I have been saying this for the last few years but…. Oh well, a new year is a new beginning. lol)

3) Watch less anime….. (Need to concentrate on studies….. and watch those good one)

4) Buy less figurines and anime merchandises. (After I clear my preorders which stretches to May. O_O Bank account near zero T_T)

5) Practise more on photo taking skills especially the composition.

6) Hopes the S H Figuarts I want would be made and not become exclusives. Very annoying when they become exclusives. (Wanted list: Kamen rider Blade, Blade King Form, Ryuki, Ryuki Survive, Faiz Blaster Form)

7) Hope my favorite anime characters get make into figurines, nendo, etc… (wait a min, I thought I just said I want to cut down on spending…….)

8 ) Hope can get a job during summer break. Nope, it is a MUST!

9) Hope to write regularly in my blog.

10) May all the above be done/ get fulfilled in 2011. 😀

So how will you spend your new year holiday? For me, I will slack at home and watch more anime! Anime Banzai! lol.

Happy Holidays!!!

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2 Responses to Happy New Year!!!

  1. Valence says:

    Happy new year!

    My New’s Year resolution is to do better in school, and perhaps make some friends~

    Also, to keep my blog alive until Christmas at least!

    • misterowl24 says:

      Oh yes, must keep blog alive. And forgot to mention, MUST ATTEND AFA *Insert whatever thing here* next year but provided it is still held in Singapore. Well, I never get to enjoy AFA this year due to some commitment. I truly regret it… OTL

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