Luka’s Birthday = Time for Project Diva 2nd DLC!!!

Vocaloid2 Megurine Luka’s 2nd anniversary is coming soon and it happens to be on the 30th Jan. Therefore, Sega had decided to release some Luka themed DLC for Project Diva 2nd PSP version. These DLC will be available on 27th Jan 2011 at the Playstation Store (Japan).

“Luka Majokko Style” module/costume – 300 yen

Original design by Temari (手鞠). A Sega x Piapro Collaboration.

She is one sexy magician. lol. I would buy any figurine that uses this design.

This costume really makes Luka very sexily moe. Also a chance to show off her legs. XD

Luka’s Anniversary Theme Room – 100 yen. Is this an underwater room? lol at Tako Luka pulling the banner.

Luka’s Anniversary Shelf Item – 100 yen. Looks like Luka Nendoroid with Tako Luka.

Luka’s Anniversary Floor Item – 100 yen. Yeah for Maguro cake. lol

Luka’s Anniversary Wall Item – 100 yen. A poster illustrated by KEI.

A closer look at the poster.

How I wish I could access the Japanese playstation store. orz…. For those who can, remember to take note of the date! If not, don’t regret it. lol

Source: Moetron, Sega

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