Happy Birthday Megurine Luka!!!

Today, 30th Jan, is our Vocaloid2 number 3, the sexy Megurine Luka’s birthday! Happy birthday Luka! Hope to hear more awesome songs from you!

A Chinese New Year theme pic for the upcoming holiday. lol

I wish I was behind her. XP

Sexy and Pretty yet not too over.

Happy Birthday to Luka!

Luka Luka Night Fever

Heart Beats

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday Megurine Luka!!!

  1. Valence says:

    Happy Birthday Luka!

    It’s my brother’s birthday too xD

  2. yuri says:

    otanjoubi omedettou

  3. Isabella says:

    Happy Birthday Luka!!!!

  4. Luka Cosplay says:

    Nice pictures! I always love her because she is hot.

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