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Valvrave 13

Fangirls rejoice!!! \(^ ^)/ Once again, Sugar will be mixed with Coffee. lol Advertisements

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Pokemon the Origin – All those feels….

Pokemon the Origin is a short 4 episodes anime that follows the storyline of the original game. Yesh. So faithfully that it awakens so much feels and memories in me. It reminds me of my first Pokemon game (red version, … Continue reading

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Gundam UC episode 4 trailer

Gundam UC episode 4: “At the Bottom of the Gravity Well” trailer That mobile armor looks sick and menacing. XD Btw, this episode will also be screened at AFA 2011 simultaneously with other cinemas in Japan.

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Guilty Crown PV 2

The PV 2 is just plain awesome.   In case the youtube version is gone: PV2 Guilty Crown Official Site

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Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam 2nd PV

Excited? I know I am. XD

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Amagami SS 26 – Miya’s Arc

This arc can be summarized as The Melancholy of Tachibana Miya. ^^ Unfortunately, there is no WINcest but there is cannibalism. lol Short post FTW! (no choice, got exam. OTL)

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All Hail Goddess Madoka!!!

Her ultimate sacrifice for all the girls in the past, present and future. I just want to say is this anime is fucking awesome. One of the best this year.

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