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Valvrave 13

Fangirls rejoice!!! \(^ ^)/ Once again, Sugar will be mixed with Coffee. lol Advertisements

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Pokemon the Origin – All those feels….

Pokemon the Origin is a short 4 episodes anime that follows the storyline of the original game. Yesh. So faithfully that it awakens so much feels and memories in me. It reminds me of my first Pokemon game (red version, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!!

HAPPY 2011!!!!! Source: Safebooru Clockwork Realm wishes everyone a Happy New Year!!! What is your resolution in 2011? Or What do you want/get/do/*insert verb* in 2011?

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Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!!!

How about having a GAR Santa Claus send your presents this year? Six-pac Santa looks better, no? 😛 How about some Caramelldansen X’mas edition?

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MM! 12 – Finally……..

With no pantsu shot for the last 11 episodes, Xebec has finally placed one at the end of the final epsiode (12) of MM! Yep! This is indeed a very nice Christmas present from MM! rofl.

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New Figurines Showcase at Akihabara

Akiba Hobby website has just posted about a Black Rock Shooter X’mas campaign which is to celebrate the launch of Black Rock Shooter limited edition blu-ray & DVD set. During that event, there are some new figurines being showcased and … Continue reading

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Just 1 day more….

Yes, just 1 day more and I can rest a bit before going into another battle. O_O”’ I still haven’t buy my EOY ticket yet…. Many posts still haven’t write. *tired* Wait a min, why am I here? So as … Continue reading

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