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Amagami SS 26 – Miya’s Arc

This arc can be summarized as The Melancholy of Tachibana Miya. ^^ Unfortunately, there is no WINcest but there is cannibalism. lol Short post FTW! (no choice, got exam. OTL)

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New Preorders during X’mas Eve!

Woohoo! New preorders are here so which one will you buy? There are GSC’s Tenshi, Bakuman Nendoroids: Takagi Akito & Mashiro Moritaka, Max Factory’s Morishima Haruka Swimsuit ver & Amiami’s Astraea. 1) 1/8 Tenshi by Good Smile Company from the … Continue reading

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Max Factory’s 1/7 Morishima Haruka Swimsuit ver.

Beside Tenshi, Mikatan has also posted some preview pictures of Max Factory’s latest figurine: 1/7 Morishima Haruka Swimsuit ver. from the anime- Amagami SS. OMFG! Morishima Senpai!!!! I wonder if they will make the rest of girls from Amagami SS.

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Amagami SS 14 – Kamen Rider Ai

This is a story about a normal school girl who receives a special belt for defeating J-monster. With the belt, she can transform into Kamen Rider Ai! HENSHIN!

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Amagami SS – Miya’s Arc confirmed

Nishishishi According to the official website, the story arc for Tachibana Miya and Kamizaki Risa will be included in the 13th Blu-ray/DVD volume for Amagami SS. Besides, both arcs will receive their own ending theme. People who watches Amagami SS … Continue reading

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Amagami SS – Sae Fest

The heroine for the 3rd arc in Amagami SS is none other than Nakata Sae. Cute, small, shy, feel/look like a small animal and a glamorous body are some of the descriptions for our Sae-chan.

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Amagami SS 08

Morishima Haruka is still so AWESOME even though she is not in her arc. XD

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