Pokemon the Origin – All those feels….

Pokemon the Origin is a short 4 episodes anime that follows the storyline of the original game. Yesh. So faithfully that it awakens so much feels and memories in me. It reminds me of my first Pokemon game (red version, btw). First capture, first gym, first league and then legendary and of course the famous/infamous Missingno. lol


Great anime. It has really translate the plot very well from the game. Imo, it is much better than the other Pokemon anime. Hence, fans of Pokemon should give this a try. 1 not so good point is that it is just too short. Many battles and events are just touch-and-go or even skipped through. 12 episodes/1 season would be more sufficient imo.


Anyway, he does have an interesting team for the Pokemon League. ^^;

Feels like playing Pokemon again…… X… Y… OTL

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